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Making process
Handmade process
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Handmade process of creating fans
Five steps resume the artisan process of creating a (wooden) hand fan

1. Design and selection of the materials.
The first step is to design the hand fan and the materials that will be used to create the piece.

2. Manufacture of the ribs (or frame).
The wood is cut, sanded and polished in order to compose the frame or structure of the hand fan.

3. Decoration of the ribs.
If this is the case, the ribs can be decorated (engraved or pierced)

4. Tailoring of the hand fan’s fabric.
The fabric is cut following the fan’s size and its pleated with an specific mould.

5. Fusion of frame and fabric.
The cloth is carefully glued to the frame. The success of this phase depends on the quality of the pleated at the previous step.

6. Painting.
In the situation that the hand fan will be painted, this will be the last step on the creation of the fan. Not only the fabric will be painted, also the sticks can be decorated again. The painter is the last artisan that gives the “final touch” on this artistically process

The first step consists in designing the fan and choosing the materials that will be used to create the piece.
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The "fretwork" is considered by many as the top of the art of creating hand fans.

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